Thursday, July 24, 2008

It is FINALLY done!! I have updated my website and am not planning on doing it again any time soon!! ha! I have never taken a computer class, so I am sure I am spending triple the time it should take to build a website! I am so happy it is done!

I am doing a promotion right now, if you refer 3 people to me for photography or makeup- you will receive a free sitting. Check out my prices on my website. I am getting so busy with photography I might just be able to quit my day job! Yah, That will never happen, I am too much of a work-aholic!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wasatch Back Relay

I ran the Wasatch Back Relay last weekend. I loved every second of it! I ran with my sister in law and friend and Apes and her sisters. I truely loved all my legs and ended up running close to 14 miles in 19 hours. All my times were perfect times of the day- much different from the first time I ran it. I also had Nate meet us in Coleville with the trailer so we got a whoppin 2 hours of GOOD sleep. (what a sweet heart). My second leg I got passed at the very end of the leg by a man. I was going to let him go, but when he looked back at me to make sure he was going to beat me it pissed me off! So I booked it to beat him right at the last! It was so beautiful where we ran and it made me truely appreciate where we live. I loved it all!!


This Last weekend I spent the first night away from Phoenixx. Actually the first 3 nights. I had a trade show in Vegas so Nate dropped me off in Vegas and spent the weekend with his sis in St. George. Nate did awesome with Phoenixx the entire weekend. After my little break down as I was leaving, I ended up doing really well. I have to admit a full night rest was FABULOUS!! Phoenixx is getting so BiG!! He is a crawling maniac! Last night he had a hard night. After getting up a few times, I asked Nate to get up with him around 4am. As we both walked into the room, Phoenixx was standing up in his crib reaching for Nate and he said "DADA"!!!!! Yes, I heard it- or I would have not believed he said dad before mom!!! Nate is sure proud. But soon after at 7am, he was in his crib and said "MAMA"! Wow that is amazing! Both in the same day. Although Nate will make sure to ALWAYS remind me he said dad first! ha. I love this stage so much, I can't say enough.

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!
I LOVE this picture of Phoenixx. We went to Sunvalley and Jackson last week for work and did anything possible to keep him happy for the car ride. It was his best trip yet! I was quite grateful for baby einstien! We gave him all kinds of food that entertained him to say the least. He is now getting teeth on the top and will be walking any day! He has a new sound every week. His latest is he will stick his tongue out and blow when he wants us to be quite!!! LOL It cracks us up everytime!


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