Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wanted to take Phoenixx' 18 month pictures soon, and decided what better place than the red mountains in St. George while we were there this last week. Phoenixx was having so much fun, and was so intriqued by everything, it made it a little hard to get his attention. But we had a blast and there is nothing better than SUNSHINE! He is getting so big, he is forsure not a baby anymore!!!

Bye Bye

Well now that spring has arrived, Phoenixx wants to go outside every second of every day. He puts on his shoes (sometimes backwards), goes to the door and says Bye Bye. Of course he can't reach the door knob good enough yet, so he just keeps getting progressively louder- Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye.
And if we don't go outside- this is the melt down we get, (please see photo number 2) LOL!

I Heart Texas

I had an amazing trip to Texas! It's like going home for me. My parents grew up in a VERY small town, Sweetwater Texas and I have such great memories going to visit. I was in Austin 2 days and went to visit my aunt and grandmother the other 2. I have always loved Austin, would move there if I could. I found out my mom lived there in her early 20's which was fun to find out. I SO enjoyed being with my aunt Trisha and Grannana. I have missed them both so much, and even though it was such a short trip, it was very needed. They both remind me so much of my mom, and it is so comforting to be with them!!! Love you both!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Oh my gosh it has not been since Christmas since I last posted something!! haha Facebook has officially taken over my life in the world of "posting". But I got off the phone with my Aunt Trisha and Grannana today and realized this is how they keep up to date with my little family, so I vow to post more often.

Life is moving along great! I am still traveling quite a bit for work, but Nate and Phoenixx get to tag along often. We are going to Las Vegas and St. George at the end of the month and Seattle in April- CAN'T WAIT TO SEE AUNTIE DIANE!!!!!

As you can see, Phoenixx' lucious blond locks are gone!!! It started out with a trim, after realizing that one side of his bangs was an inch shorter than the other and that he was much closer to a mulet, we pulled out the clippers. I actually really LOVE his short cut! You can see his beautiful eyes. Although, I am sure I will grow it out again, but from now on a professional is cutting my childs hair!!! lol

Nate is planning on going to Nutrition school in NYC starting January 2010. I can't wait! I am hoping to get to go as well, but we will see if its going to work out at the same time. It is a 7 month program, including 8 weekends in NYC, everything else is done online.

I painted my guest bathroom for the 4th time!!! hahahaha Aubrie asked me what my issue is with that bathroom, and I couldn't tell ya! But I do know I am more than satisfied this time!


My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!
I LOVE this picture of Phoenixx. We went to Sunvalley and Jackson last week for work and did anything possible to keep him happy for the car ride. It was his best trip yet! I was quite grateful for baby einstien! We gave him all kinds of food that entertained him to say the least. He is now getting teeth on the top and will be walking any day! He has a new sound every week. His latest is he will stick his tongue out and blow when he wants us to be quite!!! LOL It cracks us up everytime!


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