Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My sweet sister in law tagged me, so here we go...

4 random things I like (adore) about my husband:1- he has 1 million pairs of socks, 2-he is the best dad I know, 3-he makes me laugh everyday, 4-He drives me crazy when he teases me, but when he stops I miss it!

4 movies that I would watch more then once:1- Old School 2- SO I married an axe murderer 3-Crash 4- Love Actually

4 TV shows I watch:1- Biggest Loser, Best show ever! 2- American Idol 3- Grey's- its good again, I promise! 4- The Kardashians- so trashy, I LOVE IT!

4 places that I have been:1- Argentina 2-Paris 3- St. Crois, Island 4- Almost every state in the US.

4 people who E-mail me regularly:1- Jessica with her D*&% forwards:) 2- Tonia 3- Dana when I make her 4- Diane

4 favorite foods:1- Sushi, Sushi, Sushi the more raw the better 2-empanadas & dolce de leche (not together:)- Argentine 3- Salads 4- Nate's meatloaf

4 places that I would like to visit:1- Ireland 2- Italy 3- Any country in ASIA 4- Phillipines

4 things that I am looking forward to in the coming year:1- Phoenixx walking and talking 2- Planning on doing my first FULL marathon (got to get it over with) 3- a week vacation with Nathan SOMEWHERE 4- Some down time- Oh I am just really really hoping!ha

4 people that I have tagged: 1- Jessica 2-Tonia 3-Kathy 4-Lizzy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I TRI because I CAN

Last weekend, Phoenixx and I went to Seattle for the Daskin Sprint Triathlon. It was quite the trip. I have only traveled with Phoenixx on a plane by myself once and it was alot harder than planned. He cried the entire flight there and most on the way home. The night before the TRI he woke up at 12:30am wide awake. He was wrestling me in bed, squawking and so on. He didn't go back down until 3:30am and I got up at 5am for the race. It was raining and lightening at 5am which made me nervous for the swim in the lake. Once we got there I mustard up energy and did it. I absolutely loved the bike and the run, the swim on the other hand- at least I didn't almost drown this year. haha. I was with 3 great girlfriends and none of us really trained for the race. I kept thinking the whole race "NEXT YEAR" I'll train. LOL. I never train for anything, wishful thinking. The funniest thing about the weekend was Phoenixx scaring Dianes dog, chasing him all around. That bully- gets it from his dad:)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Dana and Kathy had their first NFL Cardinals Game Last week, and I couldn't make it! I was at a national sales meeting in Chicago and couldn't get out there in time. I was so sad!! They are cheering together this yr. and are on the same line. I can't imagine how much fun they are having! They look awesome in the pictures and have to say they are the HOTTEST ones on the team!!!! I am so happy for them both, that they are dancing and still LIVIN' life to the fullest!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!!


I can't believe it has almost been A YEAR!!! Where did the time go? Where did my baby go? I am in toddler land people! Phoenixx is not a baby anymore, his personality shines more and more every day! We can not keep this child still. He must have a lot of me in him! But he IS in a stage right now where he will just lay on us and CUDDLE. Oh man do I love that!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!
I LOVE this picture of Phoenixx. We went to Sunvalley and Jackson last week for work and did anything possible to keep him happy for the car ride. It was his best trip yet! I was quite grateful for baby einstien! We gave him all kinds of food that entertained him to say the least. He is now getting teeth on the top and will be walking any day! He has a new sound every week. His latest is he will stick his tongue out and blow when he wants us to be quite!!! LOL It cracks us up everytime!


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