Monday, October 27, 2008

Our annual Bears Trip was a BLAST! Chicago in October is gorgeous, and perfect and wonderful. I really needed the break, 1- because I just started a new job (that I love!) working for another skincare line as a rep and it is a lot of work! 2- Nate and I haven't been away by ourselves since the darling Phoenixx joined our family, so it was much needed. We ate like KRAP! I really think we gained 10 pounds each, hot dogs, pizza (2x), ice cream, pasta- man oh man it was good. We also celebrated Nate's Bday on the day of the Bears game- good thing they won, barely. It was 41-48 Bears. I swear there was a touch down every 5 minutes!! Nates Best friend, Rodney and his friend Cory came with us. It was nice having 3 boys and me, I think I scared Cory off!:) I can be alittle feisty and that was new to him.haha Well back to reality we go. I can't wait to dress Phoenixx up this weekend for Halloween, and we also get to see Phoenixx's AUNTS (Dana and Kathy) in November for Thanksgiving.... can't wait!!!!


aubs said...

Bri, you're freaken HOT! I love that picture of you two, LOVE it! It looked like you guys had so much fun, I am a little jealous!
I am glad that you guys are back and can't wait to see you soon.

Trina said...

Hi Bri,
Remember me, Tonia's sister. I'm asking all of her blogger buddies to go to my blog and vote on an 80's picture of her. I wanted to put it on her blog, but decided to try it this way instead. Thanks.

Carr Family said...

Nate likes the Bears? When did that happen? It must be a phase. He'll grow out of it . . . or maybe not.

My three sons said...

Hey Sweet Girl! You are the busiest little bee ever!! If you want to keep that up, don't get pregnant, say, right now! We found out I was preg the week of Quinton's first birthday! 2 kids is super fun but I can't get anything done!! Just wanted to say hi! I miss your jeans parties! I miss your nasty tackle tickle sniff sniff thing you did to me in dance!
Lets get together ya ya ya!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!
I LOVE this picture of Phoenixx. We went to Sunvalley and Jackson last week for work and did anything possible to keep him happy for the car ride. It was his best trip yet! I was quite grateful for baby einstien! We gave him all kinds of food that entertained him to say the least. He is now getting teeth on the top and will be walking any day! He has a new sound every week. His latest is he will stick his tongue out and blow when he wants us to be quite!!! LOL It cracks us up everytime!


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