Saturday, December 20, 2008

News and More News

Well You can only imagine how much has happened since my last post, how long has it been?? I'm fired. We sent off Nate's little bro Joel to Chile, Santiago East Mission. I am so proud of him!!! We dropped him off at the MTC and we got to watch that REALLY cheesy Called to Serve video. I still cried watching the moving.:) I told Nate I wanted to go on another mission now!ha I love that all you have to focus on is other people and service. We got these pics from him in the MTC, and I would like to know what kind of time they had on their hands!! I don't remember any extra time in the MTC:) I am so pumped he is already in Chile, he and I will be live long rivels (Agentina vs. Chile)!

Nate and I also went to ANOTHER Bears game, Yah I know, we have a sickness. It was a blast despite the fact that it was 6 degrees for the NIGHT game! Crazy. We won in over time, it was such a stressful game we both couldn't even yell the last half- and Nate still lost his voice! ha

We then went to my company work party in Denver (first picture). I have made so many new wonderful friends, who I adore! It was fun for Nate to be able to meet them. When we got home Phoenixx looked horrible when we picked him up- we went straight to Urgent care. He had Strep, 2 ear infections- 1 ear drum had burst and bronchiolitis. WOW. He has never been really sick, so it was a tough experience for Nate and I to watch him go through! He is SOOOO much better now, he is almost completely healthy. It makes me remember how lucky I am to have a healthy boy.

If I don't get to write until Christmas (probably won't) MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope its filled with lots of LOVE and lots of calories!!!


Tonia said...

You've been busy! I loved your Christmas card. You guys all look so good! Phoenixx has the cutest smile!

Michele said...

My vote is for Chile. Que Viva La Mision Osorno. JK
I remember your beautiful your farewell was Bri. Your sisters sang and some Cougar Sister in the ward was flirting with Chad. Hee Hee

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!

My Sweet BLuE EyeD BOy!!!
I LOVE this picture of Phoenixx. We went to Sunvalley and Jackson last week for work and did anything possible to keep him happy for the car ride. It was his best trip yet! I was quite grateful for baby einstien! We gave him all kinds of food that entertained him to say the least. He is now getting teeth on the top and will be walking any day! He has a new sound every week. His latest is he will stick his tongue out and blow when he wants us to be quite!!! LOL It cracks us up everytime!


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